Via Timore: The Story of a Wandering Warrior | Documentary Idea

by Ricardo Casilimas
(Tampa, FL)

My name is Ricardo Casilimas, and I want to travel, have adventures, and fight in the 6 major continents of the world. You read that last one right. Fight. I have been doing martial arts since I was a young boy (I'm 20 years old now), and I want to continue to do them with a catch. I want to experience martial arts from a variety of different cultures and then test my knowledge in sanctioned fights throughout the 6 continents.

It's been a year since I woke up in the worst position of my life. Truly what I could define, at that time, as rock bottom. I woke up on another person's couch after having been fired from my job the day before, and losing all ability to shelter and provide for myself. No money, no goals, no friends, and the sudden realization that I was completely lost in the world. Manic thoughts of all kind raced through my mind, too fast for me to focus on any of them specifically. But out of this hazy depression, a clarity dawned on me: I had just lost everything, but this now meant that I was free to do anything!

On that day, I resolved to live a life so full of laughter, joy, love, and life itself, that I could die any second and I would be buried with a smile. I began to train in martial arts again, give back to the community around me, experience new experiences, and most of all, I asked myself "What do I want out of this life?" I have finally come up with an answer.

More than anything, I want to train and fight in the 6 continents of the world. I want to document my journey for all to see. I want to show others the beauty of the world we live in. I want others to experience every adventure I go through. I want others to know that they are free to live a life that truly makes them feel alive at any moment they choose. This is the documentary I would like to make.

I would like to make a mini-documentary for every continent I visit and combine them all into one major documentary at the end of the journey. The 3 major things I want to include in this documentary are:

A - Adventure
C - Culture and Community Service
T - Training

And I would like to end each mini documentary, and visit to a continent, with my sanctioned martial arts fight. Please give me any feedback possible for this idea. I want to hear any thoughts on it, positive or negative. Thank you for your time.

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