Video Projection | How To Project Video Without A Delay

by Jonathan

Video Projection

Video Projection

Visitor Question: Hi there. I have been working on a video project for my church, however we have encountered a problem. We would like to be able to use a camera pointed at the stage, then input that signal into a computer and have that side by side with scanned worship music for our musicians.

From there we would like to use an extended screen with multiple VGA splitters to send that video signal to musician video monitors.

But here is the kicker; we want this signal to have the least amount of delay as possible as the musicians will need to be able to follow the worship leader.

We have tried an analog video capture device and it has about 2 seconds delay. We have tried to use a security system on a wired network and that also has 2 seconds of delay. After looking into some other items, like HD capture devices and game capture devices, we found that they all have this lag.

Are there any products out there that will allow for video input into a computer with no observable delay?

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance with this matter.

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May 18, 2013
scratching our heads NEW
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks Jonathan for your question. Unfortunately this issue is beyond our expertise here at Desktop Documentaries.

Perhaps someone else has dealt with this issue and can provide some insight.

Feel free to add any follow-up information or updates.

Sorry we couldn't be more help. Good luck finding a solution!

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