Vintage Film Gear | Video vs Film

by James Williams
(Anchorage, Alaska USA)

Super 8MM Kodak XL350<br>[Photo courtesy WiseApple]

Super 8MM Kodak XL350
[Photo courtesy WiseApple]

Well after a disappointing loss of my Bolex Camera, I started reviewing and looking over my Dad's old Movie Film Cameras. Much to my delight and surprise I found yet another Super 8MM Home Movie Camera. This time, it's not so upscale and is actually much newer than the Bolex. The camera is a Kodak XL350 Super8MM movie camera and (this is the best part...) IT STILL WORKS!!!

Even more than that, it has a cartridge of movie film inside. The film is probably not any good now after all these years just sitting in the camera, but Hey, it allowed me to test the camera and wow was I surprised and overjoyed!

Although it doesn't possess the professional feel or look of the Bolex camera, it's still a working camera and is actually in great shape. It's clean inside and out and the motor runs smoothly and is so quiet, with just enough motor noise that I can capture in recordings for later use.

If I'm not mistaken, Kodak is still producing and marketing Super 8 Film for film buffs, purists and aficionados wanting to use film for their work. Now I can move forward and start some experimenting with actual filmmaking.

It's going to be a huge challenge after all these years using video. Video is so much more forgiving and isn't frocked with the challenges of film. I must admit, I am spoiled with the ease of video filmmaking VS film. And, because of the high expense of film and processing, I will be very limited and very careful with how I use the camera to film with. Who knows, maybe I'll be come the next filmmaker and make my own sequel to the horror/thriller "Super8." Not!!! I'm gonna have fun though :)

I will be uploading images soon about film movie cameras if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading.

James Williams

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May 10, 2013
super 8mm, super cool!
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hey James,
Thanks for keeping us posted on your vintage film adventures! That's very cool you keep finding these old treasures. Please do keep us posted and send us any photos of your new-found gear and/or film clips you end up shooting. Looking forward to the updates!


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