Water Crises


Two-thirds of the city's population resides on top of high mountains. As a result the struggle for water cannot be over emphasized. On this note I want to make a documentary to show how these people struggle to get water.

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Apr 23, 2011
Water Crises
by: mohamed s bah

Freetown is a mountaneous city. Majority of the population are poor. The few that are well to do are living on the flat land. They find themselves on the mountains... men, women, young and old living on these montaineous areas struggle for all day and night. Recently, water company, a government parastatl are not consistent with water supply even to those living on the flat land. Tap opens about five times a week. people on the mountains come down and form long queus on strret taps. sometimes one will spend two to three hours before geting four gallons.......................... young boys manufatured a water transport machine called GIGGE..................very interesting to see

Apr 20, 2011
Tell us more
by: Webmaster

Can you give us some more details about this story? It sounds very interesting

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