Way Of Life | Documentary Idea

by Adam

I am spiritual person but not religious.
I always wanted to do a documentary on something which I am extremely passionate about (religion).

As I have been studying religion most of my life, I realize most of people who turn to God choose religion to express themselves spiritually.

I want to show in my documentary, that there are other ways to turn to God or supreme being or feel the direction in your life other than taking a religion.

You can live a fully satisfying spiritual life without the need for religion.

In my documentary, I will put proofs and facts, old and modern discussing the origin of religion and ask questions weather it came from god or whether it's man made. Although if man made the religion, why and how was it started.

I'd be interested to know what others think of this idea. Thanks.

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Sep 05, 2016
Making your Documentary
by: Ben

Hi Adam,

Your idea interests me greatly. I run a production company looking to create thought provoking documentaries for the general public.

Would you be interested in working with us to make this happen?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


Apr 04, 2016
by: Sandra Ayach

I would like to read your research, it's a very interesting topic.

Feb 08, 2015
by: Zoltan Banfi

Please contact me at bz306@gre.ac.uk

Zoltan Banfi

Jun 05, 2013
Ideas for your doc!!!
by: Satish

Hi Andy
I have a suggestion for you, watch this documentary is called Kumare is an amazing documentary about religion and people dealing with their spirituality and is something that is really close what I think is your idea

All the best!!!!

May 11, 2013
Write a Script
by: Scott

I think this topic has universal appeal. Religion dominates so much of our daily lives (and it doesn't have to). Why do some people walk away from religion when others go toward it. All very ripe for interesting conversation.

I would like to see this scripted out a bit. You've hit on some very high level discussions. But it sounds as though you would be the writer (maybe narrator too?).

One way to see if you can make this happen is to create a short video to serve as a trailer. When others see that you are actually making something they tend to jump on board more easily.

This is a great post for discussion. But if you really want to make a documentary about this, make a trailer. It will be a great way to flush out some of the ideas swirling around in your head too.

Best of luck!

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