What's Fare : The truth about UberX and Lyft | Documentary Idea

by Michael
(Denver Co 80216)

I have been in the transportation industry for 16 years. I started when I was 21 and old enough to rent a Taxi, since then I have been involved with strikes against the Taxi Companies and have drove for Metro, Yellow and Freedom Cab.

I was involved with the union that created Union Taxi. At the time I decided I wanted to tell the story and got a camera and got what footage I could from the hearing's at the capital to union meetings and interview's with drivers.

Initially I started filming to tell the story in case the Government blocked drivers from starting a company and competing which is not uncommon in Colorado.

The company Freedom Cab had to sue the government for discrimination to get their licenses after being turned down many times.

At this time there was only two large companies, Yellow Cab and Metro Taxi.

Well luckily when we went to the Capital there had just been a fresh crop of lawmakers who had not yet fallen victim to the large companies influence, so the licenses where approved and Union Taxi formed.

Now Uber is on the scene and causing a problem for professional drivers and established companies.

I would like to educate the public on how the transportation industry works and why the problems exist and how they can fix those problems and not make them worse. Which I believe will only get worse with available rideshare apps.

I have been in the industry as a Taxi, Shuttle and Limo driver and I am soon going to be a Pedicab driver because I am looking to understand this business from all sides.

I have filmed many interviews meetings and hearings, but now I need some professional editors and film crew to come make this movie a reality.

This is not the kind of movie that an outsider will have a easy time making and having a narrator and someone who can get the right understanding and has an "in" with drivers will make this a very informative and relevant production.

"What's Fare" Documentary Idea - Submitted April 30, 2015

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Apr 22, 2020
For video editing
by: Aurel Borcos

Hello! my e-mail address:aurel.borcos84@yahoo.com,
I want to help you create the movie

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