Who Is My Doctor | Documentary Idea

by R.Mcfarlane

I was born 1974 in Scarborough just outside of downtown Toronto. After talking and, more so, listening to some stories my doctor told while seeing him for one of the many ailments plaguing me, I had come up with the idea of making a documentary not so much on my life but on my doctor's life and times. What a great man he is; concerned for others well-being, going above and beyond what most doctors do today.

Unfortunately today's doctors triple-book, creating wait times that are incredibly frustrating and minimal time when seen by doctors.

My documentary is not about wait times or different diseases or what plagues the health system. It's about the life my doctor has lived and how he wound up in this great country we call Canada.

After studying in horrific conditions in Germany after WWII, he recalls commuting to school observing bodies all around underneath rubble from the bombings from United States air force on one of many cities in Germany.

There is so much to tell about this great man that I and others call doc. This 300 word essay does not or will not due him justice.

Volunteering most of his time in mental Health Sciences as he has done over the years is one of the many great things he's done, a doctor who is well up there in age but yet still wanting to keep the white smock on to serve his patients concerned with their well-being is a magnificent gesture to his character.

I'm writing this without his knowledge and would be quite exhilarated if you would honor him by making this documentry come to life. A true tale being under the iron fist of the Russian communists in the Soviet Union who had basically won the war for the world, to studying in Germany, obtaining his degree in medicine, studying in appalling conditions, making his way to Canada with his lovely wife and now serving his community.

Hopefully this will peak the interest of many. Not only does it have historical value but it also shows one man's generosity and determination. Not only is he a great doctor, he's also a great father and husband.

Hopefully this story comes to light showing people can rebuild and carry on after most people thinking all who would be lost.

Perseverance, struggle and determination show that the human spirit can triumph over anything in this man's story...

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