Why Factories Shutdown | Documentary In Development

by Bruce Hyde
(Concord, Ontario)

Hi guys, my name is Bruce Hyde and I currently own and manage a successful business and I was a victim of a factory shutdown (Canadian General Electric).

My team for this project consists of 2 university graduates Brian Lau and Jesse Prasad.

This campaign is important to me because; early in my career, Canada was flourishing. Planes, trains, buildings and aerospace manufacturing were key to Canadian prosperity. The demand for labor was high, and opportunity was around every corner; there was work for everyone.

Now that the world has adopted a globalized strategy, the younger generations will not be able to experience the type of prosperity I had when growing up. Now that all the work has been shipped to nations with little or no: safety standards, laws and regulations, labor laws, and environmental regulations.

Not only does globalization make someone rich, it is destroying the lives of developed nations,leaving many unemployed.

Factories are vanishing as we speak and there is no record of what there once was.

I'm hoping to complete this documentary so it can serve as a learning guide/reference tool for the younger generations. It will showcase all the factories that once were, and depict the impact it had on the people.

This documentary will also give its audience a boardroom seat that will look at the decisions made by factory executives.

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Jan 09, 2015
Why Factories Shutdown - Part 1 NEW
by: Anonymous

Why Factories Shutdown - Part 1\\http://youtu.be/qhQC5iV9XKo

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