Wonder Woman | Documentary In Progress

by Hanna Aneröd and Renzo Aneröd
(Gothenburg, Sweden)

November 5, 2013 - "Wonder Woman" (working title) Documentary in progress: Åsa, soon forty, has been competing at the elite level for 10 years in both Body Fitness/Figure and running ultra marathons. After having her third child she suffers from a child birth depression but trains and compete harder than ever to get free from the depression. All while the family is in turmoil.

This documentary is in production and we are looking for international co-producers. We already have an broadcast agreement with Swedish television which we are very happy about and we are also looking at broadcasting opportunities worldwide.

We started filming Åsa because we were looking for different interesting people in the training industry (body building, Figure, Crossfit) to make a documentary about. Åsa was about to compete in Figure the day we met her and she was the only one bringing her whole family with her when competing. This made us curious about her and we approached her. We got a good contact and decided to start filming her, there and then. We didn't know that she was going to win that day, winning for the third year in a row. So we had found the woman we wanted for our film.

There was a longer period where we didn't film Åsa because we worked on other projects too but then Åsa told us she was pregnant with her third child so we started filming her 7 months pregnant. We thought it would be very exciting to follow her journey after child birth. She had big plans that would take place not long after child birth. But then something happens that changes everything and we realized that this should be a film only about Åsa.

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Nov 05, 2013
Hi there.
by: Reality Film


Thank you so much!

In the beginning of the film Åsa has 2 children and then she gets pregnant with her third child. The woman in the back at the right side, Yudith, is not Åsa's child but is also in the film. The man on the left side is Åsa's husband Georg.

Here is our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reality-Film/142706225750724

If you want to follow the film and our other projects feel free to like the facebookpage.

Our website: http://www.realityfilm.org/
Our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AKReality8

Nov 05, 2013
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks for sharing. This sounds like a fantastic concept for a documentary. We see in the photo there are four children... is Asa a mother of 3 or 4? Either way, impressive!

Also, do you have any sample clips yet of the film.. a Facebook page, website, etc. you'd like to share?

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