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by Steve Shrubsall

May 2, 2016: Fear of flying documentary idea - For about 10 years now the mere mention of aeroplanes has been enough to see me break out into a clammy sweat, alarmingly elevate my pulse rate, and generally elicit uneasy movement in my seat - even it’s my favourite armchair, with a big glass of wine, in front of a particularly pleasant episode of Doc Martin.

Having lovingly nurtured this fear, I have performed U-turns at airports, endured panic attack a-plenty, and perhaps most noteworthy, was essentially stranded 6000 miles away from home in Southeast Asia for six years, and finally, finally plucking up the courage to board a London-bound British Airways flight. Of course, by courage, I mean I essentially rendered myself unconscious with 5mg of Alprazolam and seven bottles of strong beer.

However, getting on a plane in the far reaches of a prescription-drug and booze-induced coma has done nothing to quell my anxieties, so here I am again - stranded.

I have a passion for travel, you see, and now have to live it out vicariously through Youtube Vlogs or Anthony Bourdain’s back catalogue of television programs- and it frustrates me immensely that, although flights are so incredibly cheap these days, I am unable to convince myself to get on one.

Therefore - the purpose of this documentary is this: TO CURE MY FEAR OF FLYING.

To do this, I will first go to a hypnotist and have them do the groundwork. It would be nice if this method completely alleviated the panic I habour, but I’m not sure it will.

Regardless, the next course of action which I will document will be a Fear of Flying course. Easy Jet have a two-day seminar which concludes with an hour’s flight.

Finally I will board another short haul flight to a European city, spend 24 hours there, and fly back.

Hopefully this will cure me.

I think this would make brilliant documentary. My fear is very real - and it will hopefully end with this documentary show.

I am a writer and journalist with an increasing body of work which can be found both online and in national publications.

I would preferably like to write in an amusing tone - for my own benefit as much as the listeners.

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