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"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."
-- Robert Bresson, French Film Director

Empowering you to tell your story is what we're all about here at Desktop Documentaries.

This site is dedicated to filmmaking enthusiasts of all levels looking for guidance, perspective and insight about documentary filmmaking.

Now empowering 250,000+ filmmakers and film enthusiasts every year!

What you will find on this site:

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

Faith Fuller is the founder and editor of this site. She's been in the filmmaking, video production, news and communications industry for 20+ years. She has produced 1500+ productions including news stories, documentaries, PSA's and educational videos. Her filmmaking travels have taken her to 40+ countries around the world including Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Honduras, Romania, Egypt and Malaysia.

Her work has been seen on CNN, The Discovery Health Channel and PBS and won numerous awards including Telly's, a CINE and regional EMMY.

Her first feature-length documentary, Briars in the Cotton Patch, was broadcast on PBS stations across the United States from 2005 - 2010.

Faith has a dynamic network of filmmaking colleagues who either contribute, consult or who are profiled on Desktop-Documentaries.com, hence the "we" you may see throughout this site.  Check out some of the guest filmmaking articles here.

Join Our Team

Desktop Documentaries is always on the look-out for talented guest writers and bloggers to contribute articles, videos and reviews for this site. This is an unpaid gig, but think of the great experience and publicity you'll get!

There are several ways you can write for us. You can start right now!

  1. Write An Original Article Of Your Choosing
  2. Write A Documentary Review
  3. Write A Camcorder Review
  4. Write A Video Editing Software Review
  5. Pitch Documentary Ideas
  6. Write A Guest Post On "Filmmaking Amateur" Blog

Click here to see an example of a guest blog post.

If you would like personalized suggestions just for you, contact us. We've got tons of ideas!

Documentary Funding and Fundraising

We know how tough it can be to raise money for your filmmaking projects. That's why we make a special effort to provide support, articles and resources to help you with your fundraising efforts.

Ask A Question

Are you working on a documentary or thinking about working on a documentary? If you have a filmmaking question, pop over to our filmmaking forum and ask a question. Or if you're ready to dive in, sign up for the 7-Day Crash Course: Learn How To Make A Documentary. Or for more personalized help, learn about our documentary consulting services.

Build Your Own Documentary Website

Desktop-Documentaries.com gets tens of thousands of visitors (more than 80,000 page views) per month because we are highly ranked by Google and other search engines. That doesn't happen by accident!

We use a fantastic "all-in-one" web service called SBI (Site Build It!). We signed up with SBI in 2008 and the experience has truly been phenomenal. Ask us and we will personally tell you about it. Learn more about SBI and how to build your own successful high-traffic website...

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Ready To Make Your Dream Documentary?

Get started right away with our exclusive 7-day crash course and learn step-by-step how to make a documentary from idea to completed film. 

Ready To Make Your Dream Documentary?

Get started right away with our exclusive 7-day crash course and learn step-by-step how to make a documentary from idea to completed film.