The Truth About Death | Documentary Idea

by Gillian Montieth
(Javea, Spain)

This is a suggestion, rather than a pitch.

Death is something that happens to us all. There's no escaping it, yet we have so little information on what to expect. Death is a fairly scary event, it's so final and there's no turning back.

Death has touched most of us in some way. A family member or friend we lay them to rest not knowing what actually happened. Did they suffer? Was it painless? Was it quick? Where are they now? Are their soulless bodies becoming one with nature? Soaring over the clouds.. Or burning in hell??

I don't intend for the documentary to be morbid, in fact that's the whole point... Death is morbid and taboo. It's something people only talk about in dark corners and leave their sentences hanging.

We don't know enough. I've searched for information and I find cancer patient stories, documentaries on death row inmates and death metal.

There are so many programmes about our entrance into this world, the miracle of birth, yet leaving this world is just as important to us, and of course all the people who have learned to love us along our journey.

What I suggest is this. A series of programmes that embraces death as the final outcome. Half, a scientific fact based guide to what happens to the body during the process of dying in various different circumstances. Half of each episode a look at different religions and their beliefs about death and the afterlife.

From angels and spirits to burning in hell. It is a huge opportunity to put all the facts and beliefs together, bringing the subject out of the dark corners and maybe alleviating fears of the unknown.

It will also provide a platform for the many religions to share their beliefs, and give an opportunity to consider and appreciate differing beliefs, thereby promoting religious tolerance in these difficult times.

I consider this information crucial to our own peace of mind, and for those we leave behind. We don't want to have to search for snippets of information here and there, we want rational, fact based information. We want to know what is going to happen, to each and every one of us, without exception.

What do you think?

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Sep 21, 2016
big topic
by: Faith

Thank you Gillian for the idea. This of course is a MASSIVE topic -- a multi-documentary, multi-million dollar series. But a great topic nonetheless!

Sep 21, 2016
Big topic
by: Gillian Montieth

Thank you Faith. It has potential to be huge, but that's maybe a good thing. Good to leave some unanswered questions and get people wondering.. questioning.. talking.

Oct 24, 2016
buzz kill
by: Anonymous

There's actually no mystery to death, your in a semi-permanent mode of sleep. There's also no ghost person in you that lives on that was started by pagan type religions then "Christian" religion misapplied 1 scripture and made a whole belief around it like they have done forever sadly which helps mislead the masses (you are a soul-and the spirit is a power from god that makes your heart beat when you die it returns back to the creator cuz its his) Also no reincarnation which is totally laughable (I made a mistake now I'm a frog?) what fool invented that lol And thank god theirs no hell fire another man made pagan witch story and another misapplied scripture (if you read that text he was giving only an -illustration even the persons name he gave was fictional der) which makes our creator seem evil think about it were made in the image of god but We would never burn even the hand of our child and we think the god of love would burn his children forever for mistakes he knows were gonna make hahahaha I don't think so our sense of reason and justice wont allow us to even think like that and guess who gave us those abilities? yup our maker

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