Desktop Documentaries Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary!

Launched in December 2008, Desktop Documentaries is now celebrating 10+ years of serving the documentary filmmaking community.

Initially started as a small blog sharing lessons learned from the making-of the PBS documentary "Briars in the Cotton Patch", Desktop Documentaries has evolved into one of the world's most popular and highly-ranked sites to learn documentary filmmaking.

Quick Stats (updated 2021):

  • 10 Year Anniversary (celebrated Dec. 2018)
  • 5.8+ Million Site Visitors
  • 60,000+ Documentary Tips Subscribers
  • 48,000+ Students Enrolled In Documentary Learning Center
  • 1,000+ Pages of free documentary content

"It is truly humbling and breath-taking," says Desktop Documentaries founder, Faith Fuller. "After 10 years of interacting with 1000's of filmmakers daily through the site, it's been a joy to witness first-hand the heart, passion and talent of so many filmmakers around the world."

The primary mission of the site is to help first-time filmmakers navigate the often overwhelming world of documentary filmmaking. Plenty of documentary veterans visit the site as well.

"Congratulations, as someone who's made a living out of documentaries for 30 years, this is one of the most comprehensive summaries of what it takes to do it that I've ever seen," says Leo Eaton, President & CEO at Eaton Creative.

Hundreds of pages of free filmmaking content fills the site and is available to site visitors including the popular FREE Documentary Starter Kit.

In addition, the site offers a robust collection of courses, templates and tutorials on a variety of filmmaking topics including storytelling, scriptwriting, fundraising, proposal writing, legal and budgeting. 

Browse Documentary Courses, Templates & Tutorials.

Stay tuned for more great things to come!

Do you have any suggestions or requests for the NEXT 10 Years?

Please make sure to share a message and any feedback for the Desktop Documentaries team below:

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