America's Dark Secrets | Documentary Trailer

by Kim D. Brummell
(Oxford, North Carolina)

Documentary Front DVD Cover

Documentary Front DVD Cover

Power, privilege and injustice can be a lethal mix, more destructive than a car bomb in the heart of a major city.

This thirty - minute documentary takes a look at some of the most infamous extremists, radical & cult groups in American history and their crimes.

What are their ties to top-secret government agencies, mind-control techniques, mass murders and suicides, the impact on our economy and who profits off of such groups? Are these extremists, radical and cult members victims of urban terrorism, culprits or simply both?

Patty Hearst, Jim Jones' Peoples Temple and The Move 9 tragedies shocked and electrified the nation. There are a few involved that still exist and has never served time for their atrocities.

This documentary is historical, ground-breaking, full of tense, real-life footage exposing government secrets many Americans are clueless about. The protests, bombing, murders, injustices, racism and political cover - ups have long shaped this nation from the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

"Hot Off The Press" Films, LLC is located in Durham, North Carolina. This is our first documentary. We have produced videos on social justice & domestic issues since 2006 for a hobby, releasing them through the Community-Access TV channel in the Durham, North Carolina area and youtube.

To purchase "America's Dark Secrets", please go to the official site here.

"America's Dark Secrets" Documentary Trailer:

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Nov 20, 2011
high govt. officials exposed.
by: Anonymous.

I am looking forward to viewing this documentary, its about time, the truth about these 3 incidents & the involvement of high govt. officials is exposed.

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