ART&TUR - International Tourism Film Festival

(Barcelos, Portugal)

ART&TUR awards annually the Best Tourism Audiovisual Productions of the World. Categories include:

» Advertising Film up to 3 minutes

» Promotional Film lasting up to 15 minutes

» Reporting or Documentary Film lasting up to 65 minutes

» New and Creative 3D (Stereoscopic)

» Television Programs (Tv Shows)

Will be awarded also the best films in each of the following 17 thematic categories:

»Tourist Destination

»Cultural Tourism

»Rural Tourism

»Nature Tourism and Mountain

»Sports Tourism and Active

»Expeditions and Travelling

»Hotels and Resorts

»Religious Tourism

»Taste and Flavours

»Nautical Tourism and Water Activities

»Events, Fairs and Congress

»Mobility and Transports

»Human Life

»People and Places

»Memorable Experiences

»Animation Film or Cartoon

»3D Movies


The Grand Prix of the ART&TUR Festival is the Grand Golden Rooste that awards the best film of the competition.

In each of the 17 thematic categories are attributed the following awards:

» Golden Rooster (Best Film);

» Silver Rooster (2nd Best Film);

» Bronze Rooster (3rd Best Film).

The Jury will also distinguish with the Golden Rooster 5 technical Awards:

» Best Picture;

» Best Music/Soundtrack;

» Best Script/Screenplay;

» Innovation;

» Best Visual Effects and Post-Production.

Will also be distinguished with the Golden Rooster the following productions:

» Best Documentary;

» Best Promotional Film;

» Best Advertising Film;

» Best TV Program.


» 1 Film = 90€ (Euros) (This entry fee allows inscription of one film up to three categories);

» 2 Films = 75€ each film (This entry fee allows inscription of two films up to three categories for each film);

»3 or more films = 50€ each film (This entry fee allows inscription of three or more films up to three categories for each film);

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