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What was the best documentary of 2011? The staff at POV ( decided to try and figure that out. So they went to the top documentary festivals, critics' circles, vote aggregators and other awards-giving organizations and came up with the 67 top documentaries.

They put together this nifty chart lining up all the documentaries based on the number of wins, nominations and list appearances, with the better known awards and festivals getting more weight.


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Top Ten Best Documentaries of 2011

After all the calculating, here are the ten documentaries that rose to the top according to the chart:

#1 - The Interrupters

#2 - Nostalgia de la Luz (Nostalgia for the Light)

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Nostalgia for the Light

#3 - Project Nim

#4 - Cave of Forgotten Dreams

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

#5 - The Arbor

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The Arbor

#6 - Bill Cunningham New York

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Bill Cunningham New York

#7 - Dragonslayer

8 - Senna

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#9 - Buck

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#10 - Hell and Back Again

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Hell and Back Again

What are YOUR favorite documentaries?

Do you agree with this list for the Best Documentaries of 2011?

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