Burzynski | Documentary Review

by Luke S
(Montana, USA)

If you want to see first-hand how corporations have control over our government, watch Burzynski. Dr. Burzynski created a medicine that does wonders for those suffering from certain forms of cancer.

His invention was, in effect, stolen by the FDA and pharmaceutical companies. In short, if Big Pharm could not profit from a drug, then that drug and its creator must be eliminated in order to maintain control over the medical practices that the pharmaceutical companies currently use.

This was a disgusting demonstration of how corporations control the laws in order to best benefit corporations. Not only did the FDA take Dr. Burzynski to trial nearly a dozen times to get him to stop his successful treatments, they tried to put him in jail for 290 years and impose an $18.5M fine on him.

With all the powers of the FDA and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to prosecute Dr. Burzynski, all efforts failed. Over $60M U.S. tax dollars were spent trying to prevent a cure for cancer from reaching those in need because the owner of the patent was one man, Dr. Burzynski. How could Big Pharm allow one man to profit? They couldn't. So they tried to remove him from society.

This was a well-researched film. It was not shot or produced with slick methods. It pointed out what was happening clearly and concisely-just what a good documentary is suppose to do.

A very eye opening film. Now I am just mad. Mad that we live in a system that puts profit over people. A system that only allows progress to be made by an elite few. A system that refuses to move forward without the express written consent of those that are already ahead.

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Feb 08, 2012
by: Luke

I rate Burzynski four stars because of the amount of research done to produce the film. It also made an impact on me with regard to how deeply entrenched our government is with large corporations.

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