Buying my first video camera, not sure what to get?

by Lukas
(Atlantic City)

Travel Documentary, Shooting Solo

Travel Documentary, Shooting Solo

March 19, 2014 - In about a month in a half I will traveling cross country, and filming the journey to try to make a documentary. My budget is about $1500, but would like to stay closer to $1000. Any recommendations?

Answer | Desktop Documentaries

Hi Lukas, Congratulations on stepping out on what sounds like a great adventure.

For your purposes, I'm thinking a DSLR, such as the Canon T3i, with a Rode mic. And you should definitely consider a GoPro.

For inspiration and other ideas, try these links:

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Aug 05, 2015
what camera did you get?
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Lukas,
Did you ever buy that camera? If so, what did you end up with?


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