Copyright Question: How To Get Permission To Use Video Game Footage In My Documentary

by Adam
(Charlotte, NC USA)

Question: Hello, I am working on a documentary called "The Art Of Video Games and the Positive Effects They Have On Us". I would like to get permission to use some footage. Who could I speak with there about what rights I have as an independent filmmaker?

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Hi Adam, thanks for your question. Please review the following links to help guide you. Basically, you need to find out who owns the copyright to the gaming footage you want to use and then contact them to ask their permission to use the footage in your documentary.

Let them know how you plan to use the footage and how much of the footage you'd like to use. If the copyright owner feels the project will show them in a positive light, they may let you use the footage for free in exchange for a credit or "courtesy of.." text over the footage. Or they may ask for a fee. Every copyright owner will react differently, so the first step is to send a request and see what they say.

In some (limited) situations, you can use footage without getting permission under something called Fair Use.

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