Documentary Filmmaking and Video Production Workshops

by Martin, Video Producer

Visitor Question: Hello. I have produced over 50 documentaries in the last two years for government agencies in Nigeria. I script. Direct. And voice. I will like to improve my knowledge though what I read on your site is what I have been doing except that my equipment are inadequate. Pls I need your assistance on refresher courses/workshops in America or Europe that I can attend so we can build a transcontinental synergy. Thank you.

Desktop Documentaries | Answer

Thank you for introducing yourself and for your question. It is my understanding that you are interested in attending workshops to freshen your filmmaking skills. Have you heard of the East African School of Media Studies in Nairobi?

The documentary filmmaking and video production workshops I'm familiar with in the US that are good include:

Docs In Progress:

Maine Media Workshops:

Bare Foot Workshops:

Digital Media Academy:

Videomaker Workshops: (For 10% discount, use coupon code DESKTOPDOCS10)

The IDA (International Documentary Association) is always putting on great learning events. Something to consider to save on travel costs is to join the IDA ($55-$85) which gives you access to many of their educational courses online.

As for equipment, don't get discouraged. Making good films is about the storytelling, not the equipment. Of course, good equipment helps, but it's amazing what a creative person can do with very little. Have you seen what people are doing with iPhones? Do a search on YouTube for "iPhone movies" and I think you will be inspired.

I hope that helps!

Did any good documentary or video production workshops get missed? Please add them below in the comment section with your personal experience.

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Jun 17, 2014
thank you NEW
by: Desktop Documentaries (Faith)

Thank you Erica for that clarification. That's super helpful and good to know! Great tips with the links. Really appreciate the response and all the good work you and your team are doing for the documentary filmmaking community.

Jun 17, 2014
Visa Clarification
by: Erica Ginsberg, Docs In Progress

While we appreciate the shoutout for our professional development workshops, one thing which should be noted though is that most of the organizations listed are nonprofit arts organizations rather than academic institutions. Therefore, the trainings offered are short-term and are not accredited in the way a university program would be. While we have welcomed internationals into our programs, they have all generally been from countries in the visa waiver program.

While I can't speak for the other organizations, I can say that Docs In Progress does not have the capacity to sponsor J-1 visas if someone comes from a country not in the VWP (which sadly would be the case for Nigeria).

I did find this link online:
but do not know any of these programs directly.

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