iPhone Movies and Documentaries: Tips for Aspiring Filmmakers

iPhone movies and documentaries are getting better and better!

Desktop Documentaries is all about the idea that anyone with a camera and a computer can make a documentary.

There are just so many amazing filmmaking tools out right now, at such low amazing prices, that ALL excuses are taken away.

iPhone Movie

Take for example this very cool film below. Even though it’s not a documentary (it’s a movie with actors), it’s still worth sharing just to illustrate what the most basic equipment can accomplish.

The film was made by Steven Soderbergh (yes, that Steven Soderbergh). Soderbergh made this film, in part, to inspire future filmmakers to see filmmaking as a more accessible way to express a story.

Here's the trailer to Soderbergh's iPhone film UNSANE.

Steven Sodergergh On The Future Of Filmmaking

Unsane was shot on an iPhone 7+. Steven Soderbergh talks about why the iPhone will change the future of filmmaking.

Tips for Aspiring Filmmakers Shooting iPhone Movies and Documentaries

So you have a great idea for a documentary and no cash? No problem! Follow these few simple rules and you’ll be on your way to fulfilling your filmmaking dreams.

  • Start with an idea that’s simple and do-able in your own backyard. Find stories and locations that are close to your heart and close in location.

  • Find the best camera you can afford, whether that's an iPhone, Flip or any other smartphone video camera. In fact, there is now a film festival dedicated to films shot only with an iPhone!

  • If you’re not sure where to start or how the documentary will come together, go out and shoot just one interview. That will get the creative juices flowing!

  • If you don’t have any audio equipment, make sure you hold the camera close enough to your subject so that their voice can be heard.

  • Once you have an interview or two and some footage, try putting together a 1-3 minute “test trailer”. That will get you thinking about your story and what other footage you will need for the bigger story.

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Of course, the iPhone can be used for all kinds of video projects including videos for your business.  

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