Don't Tell Mama I've Gone To Mongolia By Motorcycle | Documentary

by Ricardo Fite
(Stockholm Sweden)

Hello, My name is Ricard. In 2011 I was in Mongolrally with an old yamaha sr250 classic of 20 years old. When I came back home my brother took the videos and made a documentary. Perhaps it could be interesting in your video section. Anyway I congratulate you for your website.

Thank you. Ricardo Fité

Interview with Ricardo

Thank you for submitting your documentary "Don't tell Mama I've gone to Mongolia by Motorcycle".

Looks like an interesting project! A few questions for you.

1) Why did you travel to Mongolia?

This video is about a journey from Barcelona to Ulan Bataar. The reason of this adventure is because it is the Mongolrally 2011. It is a charity rally so you have to drive from Chek Republic to Mongolia all by your self, then you will donate the vehicle and pay some money for very beautiful reason that is helping kids from the streets of Ulan Bataar. I made it with an old yamaha sr250cc one cylinder, 20 years and it came from an accident.

We worked hard, I found little sponsor, I lost all my money but it was 2 months awesome motorcycle trip. More or less the route was from Barcelona to Praga, Varsovia, Kiev, Volgograd, Samarkanda, Altai Mounts, Ulan Bataar, more or less 11000kms. I will never know exactly because i broke the counter in Poland.

I went all by myself, and in the video sometimes you can see that people recording it is because I asked them, sometimes they did it with their cameras and then they send me some videos, that is the reason that in some moments of the documentary you can see videos from one gopro or canon reflex. But most of the documentary is made with an iPhone3 and compact camera PANASONIC LUMIX DMC Fs-5 10 megapixel.

2) What was your purpose in videotaping your trip?

There was no concrete reason for recording the trip at the beginning. But my brother Menna works on cinema and tv and he knew what to do with all stupid videos that I was recording during the trip. I made the adventure but he made the film and this is because it is special video.

3) How many hours of footage did you record?

I recorded between 5-6 hours.

4) Did you have any kind of filmmaking training before going on your trip?

No I did not have any lessons of how to record.

5) Is your brother a filmmaker? Why did he decide make a documentary out of your footage?

Yes, my brother works on cinema, here is his website, . When he saw the videos he thought that it was awesome trip, he decided to make something with all this videos. At the beginning was so difficult to find a good way to make a film with correct argument, how to start and how to finish with some logical final, and he made it. We like old school cinema and old school motorbikes. Now he is preparing next documentary about my trip in India in 2013, here you are the link of the trailer, and the link of his actually job.

6) What would you do differently (as far as videotaping) on your next trip?

After this documentary I was in Russia and India and as a amateur filmmaker I recorded more videos with me riding. I gave the camera to the Indian people and they recorded me riding. And I bought a Nikon d5100 along with my panasonic lumix dmc fs5. My brother is not really satisfied with the nikon reflex because he says that now it seems that I am more worried of camera and this is bad for the story. Perhaps he is right, we will see how looks the documentary of India.

7) Who do you think would be interested in seeing this documentary and why?

Not every one, perhaps motorbikers, travelling people, I am a teacher and definitely it is for teenagers and kids.

8) Any other information you'd like to add!

After this documentary we will try to do one of every summer travelling with motorcycle. Now we are dreaming about going around the world with a sidecar, and of course recorder it, but we will need sponsors.

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