The Essential Video Gear List For Corporate Videos
Wistia Shares Their "Go-To" Gear List

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Wistia Video ShootVideo shoot at Wistia Headquarters
(Photo Courtesy: Wistia)

Are you ready to create professional looking videos for your company or organization?

Need help figuring out what gear to buy?

Wistia is kind of like YouTube, but geared more for private and marketing videos. They offer a customizable online video player that's free for the basic player and a paid version for more customized functions such as analytics and specialized video marketing tools.

We actually use Wistia-hosted videos here on Desktop-Documentaries.com for some of our online courses such as the Documentary Fundraising 101 Course Video series.

Wistia's clients are often business owners who understand the importance of online video marketing, but have little to no experience in video production.

So it's up to the Wistia team to keep things simple and teach their clients how to make professional looking videos with minimal equipment and cost. They offer a series of free video production and video marketing tutorials on their website to help their clients succeed. 

"If someone has an idea for a video, they should feel empowered to get out there and make it", says Chris Lavigne of the Wistia production team.

With that in mind and to help you put together a professional gear package in record time.... 

Below is Wistia’s standard gear list for in-house video productions:

Wistia's Video Studio (Photo Courtesy: Wistia)
February 2015

Wistia's Go-To Video Production Gear List:

Below is a list of gear used by Wistia's production team as part of their "roving gear cart" that can be wheeled around their offices for a quick shoot.

Learn from Team Wistia

Want to learn the basics of video production such as lighting techniques, audio and how to shoot with an iPhone?

The team at Wistia have some great (free) tutorials on video production, video marketing and video concepting.

Visit the Wistia Learning Center.

YOUR Gear List

Want to share your gear list and have your own page like this one?

Submit your story and gear list by clicking here.

See more filmmaker's gear lists.

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