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by Faux Film Festival
(Portland, Oregon USA)

We poke fun at stuff! Launched in 2005, we are the only festival in the world dedicated to spoofs, satires, mocumentaries, music video parodies, faux trailers, faux commercials, faux education videos, etc.

Categories for submission:

Faux Commercial
An advertisement for a product or service that doesn't exist. This includes in-faux-mercials which demonstrate a product that doesn't exist.

Faux Public Service Announcement
Faux scholastic or government sponsored film warning about the dangers of something or telling us how to think or act. Some of the real PSA's from the 50's are hilarious without even being faux!

Faux Trailer
An advertisement for a movie or TV show that doesn't exist.

Faux Training
A training video for a faux process or product or spoof of training for a real process or product.

Faux Travelogue
A spoof of National Geographic type films or vacation films.

A film that pretends to be a documentary but the subject doesn't exist. A classic example of this is "This Is Spinal Tap". It was made in the style of a documentary, but the band does not actually exist.

Parody Music Video
A song based on original music with new lyrics that make fun of either the original song or something else, perhaps even entirely unrelated (example: "Like a Surgeon" by Weird Al). Could also just be a song that makes fun of something - a parody of the topic rather than of an original song.

Basically any film that pokes fun at something.

A film that makes fun of a real film, product, or service. Most faux films are also spoofs. Some are spoofs of an entire category, such as horror films, while others lampoon specific targets. A classic example of a spoof faux trailer is "Hardware Wars". It spoofs Star Wars in the style of a film trailer.

Mocumentary: "Guns on the Clackamas"

For more in-faux and deadlines, visit our official website: www.fauxfilm.com

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