Filmmaking Amateur | Express Video with the Flip MinoHD (Day Thirteen)

by Scott U
(Georgia, USA)

A week ago I was wrapping up videotaping a house blitz build with The Fuller Center for Housing. Going in I had no plan. I've been on enough of these build sites to know what to look for. Everything was done on a Flip MinoHD 4G. In the field, I use Video Pad as my video editor. Video Pad is OK. It gets the job done.

During the week of building I made about 10 videos. I think all of them are less than two minutes. These aren't great videos, but I think they will go over well with the people that were there. And essentially, that's who the videos are for. I'm working on a longer video that will tell the story of the whole week rather than a blow by blow account of what was going on. The quick videos were fun and it was nice take some batting practice (so to speak), but I'm looking forward to seeing what I can make out of all the stories and footage I shot. This time, I'll be editing with iMovie.

The Flip performed Ok. But then again, it's a Flip. I know what to expect. The main drawback is still the audio. I lost some good soundbites due to background noise (Keep in mind I am on a site where 15 homes are being built or rebuilt.) It's a hard place to get good sound with a good mic. But a good mic makes a huge difference when you are not afforded the luxury of an upclose interview and silence in the background.

Here's one of the videos I put together. Super simple, but nice story. I shot it in the morning and had it edited and uploaded to YouTube by lunch.

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