Filmmaking Amateur | Getting a Grant and Staying Focused

by Scott
(Georgia, USA)

I recently came across an organization that provides grants to amateur filmmakers. I'd tell you who they are and what they are about but I don't want you to beat me to the punch and get my money! So, I will call the organization NASA and tell you that they focus on light bulbs to throw you off the scent.

I'm actually excited about the possibility of receiving money to make a film. Of course I'm excited about the possibility of receiving money. That was a stupid statement. But I find myself nervous sometimes when I think about this project. I've been hanging around the "light bulb" factory for some time now, knowing that someone needs to shed some light on their work. But after months of pretty much random shooting, the "Aha!" moment never came to me that let me know how to tell this story. After finding "NASA", I now know the angle to take to produce this film. Am I letting my creativity and artistic expression be ruled by money? Yes. But the scent that this money trail leaves behind does line up and it gives me a way to tell this story that has been eluding me.

Now that I have focus on this story, I find that every time I want to sit down and edit a trailer to provide to the grant makers, I want to fall asleep. I keep finding other projects (very important projects, mind you) to do to avoid sitting down and making this happen. Maybe this is how I work. Maybe this is my artistic struggle that, when interviewed by HBO, will cause others to say, "Wow, he struggles for his work and that makes it better." I have finished a number of other things that I kept putting off. So, that's good. Maybe my approach is to avoid what I want to do, then do what I have to do. With this process, I'll eventually get to making the trailer and requesting the grant when another "want" comes along.

I don't have any experience getting grants. I've never asked for money like this before. So, I'm preparing myself for rejection. A lot of people ask NASA for funding and a lot of people don't get funding from NASA. But if I can make my case and present it well, I think I have a chance.

I feel like I've rambled a bit here. Now, I want to rewrite this blog.

I think I'll work on my trailer now and get that grant.

That was easy. I just tricked myself into doing it.

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