Filmmaking Amateur | Happy Flip (Day Ten)

by Scott U
(Georgia, USA)

Yesterday I shot a short news story for our local paper with my brand new Flip Mino HD video camera. This was my first day out with it and I was curious to see what it brought back. I have been using a Panasonic DVX100A with a lav mic and I know I can get good sound, but I haven't been happy with the image quality (or tapes) from the DVX. I know the Flip brings in very adequate video, but it looses substantially on audio when compared to the DVX and XLR microphones.

It was the fall opening of Happy Patch in Americus, Georgia. Happy Patch is a local food and flowers stand (actually, it takes up almost an entire city block) that is part of the Perry Wellness Center. Perry Wellness provides support to those suffering from mental illness and addiction problems. Normally, this type of program is rather secluded, but Happy Patch and Perry Wellness have taken over a once toxic eye-sore and created a beautiful area full of color in an area of town where no one can claim that they haven't seen it.

There are a lot of stories at Happy Patch and I have been interviewing lots of people. The Flip has done well in most settings with audio, but today I had some problems with wind. I think I will have to record audio on the DVX and sync that with the Flip video for formal interviews that I do. The audio is too important. And the Flip video is that much better than the DVX, it's worth the hassle (for now) to use two cameras.

I also learned why you don't stop recording once the interview is over. I missed out on some good soundbites after the interview I did today ended. Important tip to new filmmakers -- keep rolling even after the interview's done! Oh, well. There will be more interviews to come.

Here's the feature on Happy Patch I was telling you about. Shot entirely on a Flip Mino HD.

Let me know what you think!

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