Filmmaking Amateur | Shooting Video on a DSLR vs. the Flip

by Scott
(Georgia, USA)

Canon 60D vs. the Flip -- Is there even a comparison??

I just bought a Canon EOS 60D to replace my broken Canon 30D. I'm still learning the ropes with video on the camera (the photography stuff is pretty much in line with the whole xxD series of Canon cameras). In just a couple of shoots, I think I've seen some pretty good results.

Of course, I'm used to an old non-HD video camera and a Flip camera. Two Flips to be precise. Although the Canon is capable of some very good images, especially when coupled with some good glass (Lesson to the kids out there; Invest your money in lenses, not cameras.) the Flip cameras actually do a very good job with run and gun production. Here's a video I recently did for Cafe Campesino shot on a Flip MinoHD.

Video Shot with the Flip MinoHD using audio taken from the camera

Below is video from my first outing with my new Canon 60D. I also used a Canon 200mm f/2.8L, a Canon 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 and a tripod. First impressions; for $800 this camera is a steal. The flexible and reversible LCD monitor is great for video.

Canon 60D Test Shots

Check out my whole video equipment list and an explanation about why I bought the Canon 60D.

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