Frontline: Breaking the Bank | Documentary Review

by Chuck
(Greenville, South Carolina)

Frontline tells a great story. I think a big part of their success is the narrator they use. I like him. Don't know his name, but I like him.

Breaking the Bank explains the banking crisis that led to nearly $800B in TARP funds being both accepted and forced on American banks because of their wreckless management. It's amazing that an $800 BILLION dollar agreement was drafted over a weekend and was presented on one page.

We'll never know what would have happened if these banks didn't take this cash-injection. Some argued that if one bank fell, the domino affect would lead to the destruction of all of the banks. Others argued that accepting government funds to save these banks railed against the very nature of free enterprise and capitalism. The deals that were made are far too complex for me to ever understand. But, as usual, Frontline did a great job of explaining a very complicated story.

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