Giving Greyhounds A Voice | Video Contest

by Grey2K USA Education Fund
(Somerville, MA)

Why not educate the public about the cruelty of dog racing with some humor? Enter your dog in our YouTube video contest now. Grab your video camera, ipod or flip cam and let your dog shine. The winners of each category will be featured on our site, promoted on YouTube and receive a beautiful framed greyhound print by Sandy Polinsky.

Choose one of the categories below and then go ahead, be silly! Let’s show the world how fun greyhounds can be!


  1. My greyhound’s retirement plan.
    What is your greyhound’s favorite thing to do now that retirement has come?

  2. About dog racing
    Show us your greyhound’s opinion of dog racing.

  3. I’m good at other things, you know!
    What job is your greyhound best suited for?

  4. Playtime!
    Show us your greyhound with her or his favorite toy.

  5. Playtime Two
    Show us your greyhound with her or his favorite playmates.

See the rules and enter at

The GREY2K USA Education Fund is the all-volunteer 501(c)3 sister organization of GREY2K USA. We work to document the cruelty of dog racing and to educate the public about the history and lives of greyhounds. Our goal is to spread the word about these gentle dogs and promote adoption efforts nationwide.

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