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by Roy

I've spent the last decade working in the non-profit housing sector so this documentary hits a sweet-spot for me as it focuses on the long road new homeowners face when trying to reduce their debt and organize their lives in order to move forward (or up) to an improved level of existence; a new life that owning a home can provide.

Documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Togman approaches this subject without any seen agenda. He simply wants to document what one potential new homeowner has to go through while working with an organization that provides a hand-up rather than a hand-out when placing families in a new home they can call their own. The homes that the local organization provide are not given away. The homeowners must work first for themselves in order to establish a better life for themselves and their children. "Home" turned out to be more of a psycho-analysis of those living in poverty and the thought processes that keep families living in less than ideal situations.

"Home" is a great example of story-telling. The video shot for this story is not amazing (don't expect to be blown away by any "beauty shots"). The cameras used appear to be almost point and shoot in nature. But this less-is-more approach gave Togman an opportunity to be more engaged with the family and personnel working to provide a hand-up. There was not an apparent use of a crew in most of the footage. It appeared as though Togman pulled his camera out of his pocket when the situation called for it; allowing Togman to earn the trust of those he was filming.

"Home" provides an up-close and personal insight into how challenging it can be to move up in status. Lack of trust and feelings of not being worthy help the viewer to understand the psychology behind the choices of one family's chance to move away from poverty and poverty housing and into a brighter future.

Home Documentary Review
Home Documentary Director: Jeffrey Togman

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Sep 17, 2011
unknown gem
by: Desktop Documentaries

Amazing what you can learn when you get to know people outside your own inner circle.

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