How To Find Seed Money For My Documentary?

by Kayode

Question: I am an aspiring documentary film maker, and very passionate about my subject-matter. It's about socioeconomic issues in Africa and the effects on the daily life of the ordinary citizens. I am in search of seed-money, can you provide list of possible donors?

And If I cannot obtain that, can I finance it through other means and apply for grant with the finished product on hand?

Mind you, my preferred option is seed-money, but I am so attached to this project that I want to do it one way or the other. I apologize for my long story. Thanks.

Desktop Documentaries:

Thank you, Kayode, for your question. You are in a very similar situation to many filmmakers. You have a great idea, you are passionate about your story, but then you get stuck at the money part.

Yes, finding funding for a documentary project, especially if you're a beginner, can be tough.

But here's the good news, there is money out there for projects like yours, you'll just have to do the work to find it.

Without knowing more about your project, it is not possible to provide you with specific funding sources. That will be your job to do the hard work of researching.

Here are some links to get you started and point you in the right direction:

Documentary Fundraising

Crowdfunding and how it can help you raise money for your film

Documentary Film Grants

Good luck with your project!

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