I Want Your Money | Documentary Review

by Kevin T

Director Ray Griggs has found a way to present a conservative argument in an informative and entertaining manner. Relying heavily on the economic growth seen during and after Ronald Reagan's presidency, Griggs is able to highlight how the Republican (conservative) approach to government is better than the Democratic (liberal) approach. Typically, in these types of documentaries the producers rely on heavy-handed tactics to try to explain why "the other guys" are wrong. Griggs is clear in "I Want Your Money" that the other guys are wrong, but he does so in a highly educational manner.

Something that impressed me about Griggs' approach is that he was not shy at poking fun at both sides through the use of unique and well produced animated features within the film. If you are wrong (in Griggs' eye) you are put to task by Griggs, regardless of your political affiliation.

I recommend "I Want Your Money" to conservatives that are looking for information to solidify their arguments and further recommend this film to liberals who are open minded enough to hear an opposing point of view.

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Sep 19, 2011
High Rating
by: Kevin T

I rate this documentary four stars.

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