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The International Journalist's Network provides a wide variety of opportunities for full-time, freelance, professional, semi-professional and citizen journalists to acquire funding needed to see their project through. In addition to helping those seeking funding, IJNet has a robust web selection of advice, tutorials and training.

Media is constantly changing. From the manner in which information is acquired (cameras, writing, recording) to the way in which gathered information is shared (social networks, citizen reporting through traditional news channels, blogs) IJNet helps those engaged in documenting, reporting or trying to change the world up-to-date with the latest skills needed and how to acquire them to stay relevant.

IJNet serves as a one-stop-shop for those seeking grants or funding. IJNet reduces the amount of time one may spend seeking grants by aggregating opportunities into one site.

Those seeking freelance jobs can also find avenues to share their story or to take part in another organization's efforts to share a particular message.

With articles ranging from education on basic journalism techniques to professional encouragement from those who have been there, IJNet offers a wealth of information and opportunity to those seeking to tell a story.

Learn more at ijnet.org

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