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The Internet Archive, a 501-c3 non-profit, has a vast collection of movie clips online dating back to the early 1900's – including full length movies, cartoons, wartime film clips, video game footage, vintage educational films, old home movies, live music concerts, sports events and live news coverage (including a collection from 9/11).

Thousands of public domain free movies, films, audio and videos are available on the internet for you to download and use in your documentary project.

Here are a few examples of what you'll find over at the Internet Archive.

Civil Defense TV Spots (1965)

Cinderella (cartoon) 1922

The Internet Archive collection also includes the Prelinger Archives of more than 60,000 non-fiction ephemeral films. Here's just one example:

San Francisco Post-Quake Scene (1906)


Some filmmakers have already created their own films using clips they found in the archive.

Learn more about Video Mashups

The majority of film clips in the Internet Archive are free with unrestricted access, although you need to check the text box to the left of each clip for copyright information and any restrictions.

For documentary filmmakers, without a doubt, the Internet Archive is a fantastic resource.

To visit the site, go to www.archive.org

Comments for Internet Archive | Huge Database of Free Film Clips

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Aug 28, 2011
by: Rachel

This is a phenomenal resource. You could literally produce an entire documentary series using this footage.

Dec 09, 2013
by: Heather M

Thank you so much for pointing me to the Internet Archive. You have quite possibly saved me hundreds of hours.

Also, I love your website. Sooooo very helpful!


Jan 28, 2016
by: Tommo

Thanks for alllllll your useful information and articles. Truly have been an amazing help so far. :) namaste

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