Jesus Trained and Died In India | Beyond Belief Documentary

by Frank Huguenard
(Cupertino, California USA)

A FREE full length documentary claims new evidence that the eighteen 'missing' years of Jesus' life, unaccounted for in The Bible, were spent mastering His mind under some of the greatest Rishi's, Yogi's and Swami's of India. The documentary also claims to have uncovered significant evidence that Jesus lived to be around 100 years old and died and is buried in Kashmir.

Watch the full 1-hour documentary now:

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2011:

According to producer Frank Huguenard, much of what is considered to be the basis for modern Christianity can legitimately be called into question. Is it possible that starting at the age of 13, Jesus learned to purify his mind using ancient Vedic techniques and then brought these teachings back to the west? Was there a completely different strain of Christianity, which was actually much closer to Hinduism than Catholicism, that was exterminated by the Roman Empire? Did Jesus teach reincarnation and emphasize meditation? The implications and ramifications of these modern discoveries are staggering.

This film's intended goal of demystifying the story of Jesus and putting his teachings in a much broader context works without resorting to preaching or being argumentative. Without forcing conclusions on the audience, the film leads the viewer along a path of discovery to come up with their own conclusions but the overwhelming response to the film so far has been "This version of the story of Jesus just makes so much more sense". Irrespective of your religious beliefs, the film Beyond Belief presents a message of unification and peace and should be watched by everybody.

Beyond Me and Beyond Belief are the first two films in a three part trilogy focused on our minds, consciousness and finding true happiness in our lives and are both available for viewing for free at DVDs of both of his films are available for free for a nominal shipping and handling charge. Details for this special offer at

The third film, Beyond Reason is set to begin production by the end of 2011.

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