Mission Statement:
Desktop Documentaries

There is no greater adventure than making a film! Especially the first time.

Here at Desktop Documentaries, the first-time documentary filmmaker is our hero.

Everything we do here at Desktop Documentaries is about supporting, encouraging and lifting up documentary filmmakers of all levels, and especially those just getting started!

Read our manifesto: 9 Reasons Why Documentary Filmmakers Are Heroes.

We understand how overwhelming the filmmaking process can be. From choosing gear to fundraising to crafting a compelling story to film distribution.

The learning curve is enormous and there are so many things to figure out at once!

There is no other site that offers a more complete, easy to follow, how-to practical guide about making documentaries than Desktop Documentaries.

What Visitors Are Saying:

"I love your site, and I appreciate the way you turn complicated concepts into clear, concise, easy to digest information. I am working on my first documentary, and you are someone I turn to." -Pamela Enzweiler Pulice, Reel Stories Productions 

"Thank you! You really make this learning experience so easy. It probably would have taken me years to find all of this out on my own!" - Josue Oropeza, Hemet, CA

"Thank you for being such a valuable resource for everything Documentary... I've scoured the internet looking for a resourceful website and have not found anything close to DD. Once again thank you and I look forward to all of your advice, courses, tips, and weekly emails." - David Garza

What We Believe

Life is an adventure!

We as filmmakers are a force for good.

We are advocates for the vulnerable and the voiceless.

It is our duty to promote an open spirit of dialogue between those who disagree.

We are relentless advocates for peace, healing and understanding.

We believe in facts, science and the insatiable pursuit of truth and knowledge.

We believe in the power of storytelling to change the world. 

We believe that all people deserve equal rights to share their voices.

We believe that people are more alike than different.

Above all... we are hopeful and grateful.

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