MOFFOM Documentary Grant

The Music on Film-Film on Music (MOFFOM) grant awards a total of $20,000 in finishing funds for scoring, composition, and music licensing efforts for feature-length documentaries.

While applications representing a variety of feature-length documentaries are welcome, so long as there is strong justification for the role of music in that project’s application, funding priority is given to music documentaries. In these cases, music plays a pivotal role in the storytelling itself, in the film’s production or use of archival footage, in the subjects of or the subjects lending narration to the film (whether that focuses on genres, artists, performances, etc.) and makes integral use of scoring and licensed music not only as filmmaking convention but rather as a tool of the storytelling process itself.


MOFFOM offers grants to selected feature-length documentary films in production and post-production

We consider feature-length films as having a run time of 70 minutes or longer

We do not consider proposals for fiction films, docu-dramas, student projects, or outreach campaigns

Applicants must be 18 years or older

A fiscal sponsor is required to receive funding. International applicants may apply but must have a U.S.-based fiscal sponsor should a grant be awarded. Grant recipients and their fiscal sponsors will be asked to sign a grant agreement and to submit progress reports on the project.

Denver Film will accept Letters of Intent for prospective MOFFOM funding consideration between the dates of March 1 and June 1, 2022.


Submit a Letter of Intent before June 1, 2022: https://www.denverfilm.org/moffom-grant-loi-form/

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