Not My Brother Documentary Short

by Stuart Feild
(Houston Texas)

I met Mike after responding to a Craigslist ad asking for someone to come film an original song performance. What you see is what happened. I showed up, filmed everything I could, and edited it together. Mike bought me lunch when we were done, and I haven't seen him since.

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Jun 09, 2011
interesting character development
by: Webmaster

First the good: From the get-go, with the very first scene in the shower, you did a great job building the question.. "what the heck is going on here".. so for that reason, I just couldn't stop watching. I'm wondering.. is this guy for real? Is this some kind of spoof? Is he mentally off?

I admit that I started loosing interest about :30 or 1:00 into the section where there was a double image of the guy dancing. That part went a bit too long and I found myself skipping forward a few minutes.

Of course, the audio and quality of the footage was very poor. It would have made a world of difference if you could have put a wireless mic on the guy.

But you get an A for storytelling and building the intrigue and creating enough questions to keep me wanting to see more.

Did you get him to sign a talent release? Is he okay with you posting footage of him in the shower? It's great stuff, but you just want to be sensitive to that kind of thing.

Stuart, thank you for sharing your film with us. I don't know where you are in your filmmaking career, but you seem to have the natural instincts to create some good work. Just try to get a mic next time. :)

Jan 05, 2012
by: Sarah


I thought it was really interesting... it seemed to have a good flow, like it was telling a story and going somewhere, and leading up to the big anticipated performance of his song (or MJ's song rather). Emotionally, i felt sorry for the guy during the video and thought that whoever filmed handled him with care, like didn't put him down.

Like the other person said in their comment, i think that a better quality camera or thought put into lighting could have done alot to improve the quality. And also, yeah the song and dance did go on for a bit. It's a hard one though as this was the climax the documentary was building to, the performance that he was constantly talking up, so it was kind of necessary to show it for awhile. Not sure about the editing style, like having two performances in one, found it a bit distracting...had it's plusses and minuses.

Over all, i think good story telling and build up.



Feb 21, 2016
video update
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Stuart,

Did you move your video from to another online video hosting service (youtube, vimeo, etc)? If possible, we'd like to update this page with the latest information.


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