Point of View | Documentary Short

by Sheetal abbas
(Karachi, Pakistan)

POINT OF VIEW is a documentary short which illustrates and elaborates the views and goals of International opera singer turned pop artist Heather Schmid for Pakistan. A Grammy award member, who got married to a Pakistani fellow and has been happily married till this day, Heather Schmid looks at the "city of dangers" from a different perspective.

The documentary is a visual of her thoughts and feelings. It is purely a courtesy of Goddess Inc since the are the executive producer. Goddess Inc is an international rising entertainment company owned by Dr. Rafay, Heather's husband.

That a foreigner should see Karachi in particular from a perspective lost to its civilians is what inspired me to make this documentary. The only flaw she finds is that we are not united which is not very far from the truth and she arrives with a mission to revive what has been lost.

With just a DSLR - Canon 650D/Rebel T4i -- and an iPad to record the voice-over it couldn't be perfect but feelings don't need perfection to touch the heart.

Directed by Irtiqa Abbas
Script by Sheetal Abbas
Producer: Ssi Productions
Executive Producer: Goddess Inc
Property of Goddess Inc

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