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Press Pause Play (2011) is a documentary about the rapidly changing landscape of technology and its impact on creativity and the arts. Anyone with a computer can now create and distribute films, music, art and books -- something that was once reserved for an elite few of professionals.

Is this development good or bad for filmmaking and the art world in general? That's the question posed by Press Pause Play.

Below is the entire documentary being offered for free on Vimeo. Or you may choose to pay for it from iTunes, Amazon or the film's website: This form of distribution where the viewer decides whether or not to pay is a interesting and fascinating debate.

Press Pause Play | Full Length Documentary:

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The filmmakers of Press Pause Play, who are from Sweden, have stated in interviews that their goal with the film isn't to get rich, but to reach as many people as possible.

What do you think of the documentary and this new form of distribution? Comments welcome below.

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Jan 19, 2012
can "free" really boost film sales?
by: Faith

This is an interesting debate. Our friend Jason Brubaker over at says sales of his film actually increased after it was pirated and was showing for free across the internet. Can free really help with more film sales? Seth Godin also makes this argument in the above film.

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