Return of the Prodigal Son Documentary

by Anna Marie Rosenberg
(Houston, Texas)

Return of the Prodigal Son is a full length motion picture/documentary that explores the faith base belief that gets transgenders through such a life changing ordeal, up close interviews, straight up street talk with the public, a movie that takes a hard look at the science, psychological, medical and spiritual aspects of the phenomenon that seems to be sweeping through the heart, mind and soul of humanity.

A documentary that introduces “brother KK Hofeling” as a male to female transgender who is currently in the process of trying to revert back to his original birth gender of male, a transgender who believes that all sexual perversions are spiritual in nature and spring forth from what he says the Holy Bible calls, “generational curses”.

Is he right or, Is he wrong? That’s for you to decide.

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Watch The Trailer | Return of the Prodigal Son

Return of the Prodigal Son Documentary
Studio: Toccata Film LLC
Run Time: 111 minutes

Q&A With Director Anna Marie Rosenberg

Thank you Anna Marie for sharing your documentary with us. Looks like a powerful and intriguing topic. Can you share with us a little bit of the background story? What led you to make this film? How long did it take you to make it? How many people did you interview? What were your biggest challenges?

[Anna Marie Rosenberg]

Here's My Testimony:

If you are ever depressed and alone and have had doubts about the future? I've been there. I'm in the movie business and in reality, glamorous it isn't. It's full of phony pats on the backs, liars and thieves. Depression goes hand in hand with this business as well its depravity, so why am I in this business. The answer to that is, it's simply, it’s a commission the Lord has given me.

In 2007 I had debilitating injury that took my musical career from me. I had been a musician for 48 years at the time and I felt I had lost it all. I cried o to Lord. "Why, why, why, is this happening to me?" I lost all my music and I went into the deepest depression I had ever known. I had three operations but it didn't restore me to my former self.

For many years prior to the accident that took my music career, I dabbled in screen writing so I would dream away about film ideas in between the operations and the pain killers that altered myself worth down to the lowest level I had ever had. Then one day a Prophet came to me and said to me after I had a major pity party about "why do I dream, dreams I can't have?" The Prophet said to me. "I have unction from the Lord for you!" The Prophet stopped my pity party dead in its tracks. The Prophet continued on: "If you are going give up on your dreams, He will!" I gotta tell you, I didn't have to hear that thrice. I quickly went about finding away, actually the Lord provided a way where there seemed to be no way. And the way was D.A.R.S. (Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services) which led me to the HCC Film School, and thus began, what was to become a long trek to a new life in the film business, A few weeks later after entering school, the Prophet of the Lord came to me again and gave me, my commission, of which I'll speak of a little more at the end of this e-mail. While in the first month of school, while I was driving my car I was hit by a hit and run driver, who totaled my car and gave me some more injuries to deal with. Never the less the Lord kept me and sustained me. The only thing in this life is Christ Jesus; He's our All in All.

My instructors where amazed at the pace that I learned and adapted despite my disabilities. My classmates thought I was bonkers when I told them the Lord gave me a film to do and that I would complete it before I graduate. To their surprise, I got the film in the can as it’s said in the film business (completed and delivered). That was in May of this year. I'm graduating in December of this year (2013). I'm the very first student to have ever to produce, direct, edit and release a full feature film into the mainstream media, while still a student. "ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE, KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED!" The Lord has sustained me for He is my rod and my staff. But Satan that old serpent is currently on the attack. But in the end the Lord of Lords and King of Kings will deliver me from that viper for the Lord Has Said I Will Make Them Listen When They Will Not Listen And See When They Will Not See! So what is happening now? The Lord is about to MAKE THEM SEE AND HEAR! Satan is working over time to stop my film from ever being seen.

What is that old viper up to? He's trying to fix it so the message will get lost in the Christian world. It's about salvation and redemption but it seems to be that the some of our brethren are preoccupied with what they can see in the flesh, which causes those who need salvation and the sincerity of prayer to deliver them from the tormentor. It’s easy to look outside these vessels we call bodies and say this person is too filthy and cannot be saved. Jesus healed the lepers, cured the blind and restored those that were cast out. He cast out seven demons out Mary Magdalene, that no doubt, those of our brethren in current times would find repellent. All that is needed is to answer the door when He knocks. No matter where you've been, no matter what you've done, there is salvation. All you need is repentant heart and ye will be.

Wow, sounds like a pretty wild ride. So how did you come to choose the topic of your documentary and what were the challenges you faced during production?

[Anna Marie Rosenberg] A wild ride? It still is, every day brings something new. As it is written this the day the Lord has made. Yes and the anti-Christian hate male keeps on coming. I made this film while at film school. When the transgender community found out that I was having private screening they went to the college president, the dean and the department chairman to have the film shut down and asked for me to be expelled or else. Or else what? They said they would march on the school and have it shut it down. After a quick review by the department chairmen, he let the film run. To off set any rioting the department chairman called in all of the security officers from the Houston Community College school district to defend our right to show my film. Talk is cheap as they say….The transgenders didn't show up. I'll be graduating in December 2013 as planned. I've been either cursed by some or showered by gratitude from the others. Here's a little sample of some of the hate male I've received:

"Enjoy your freedom of bigotry whoops i mean religion while it lasts. cause it wont last forever, and personally if the rest of the world had the good sense the Roman's had wed still be feeding your Christan asses to lions , and stuffing your people in furnaces, but unlike Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego the current frogs on a hotplate would most certainly burn!"
Probably a transgender that had the good sense not to show up to the screening.

How did I come to choose the topic of your documentary and what were the challenges I faced during production? The Prophet I met brought the idea to me and I was blessed by it. Through trials and much anguish, we did it. There was nightmare after night mare in the making, but God the Father and Jesus got us through it all. we had some welched on their contracts and held us up for months, by having to shoot more footage.....but we prevailed. Some say, we did the impossible, but we did it....(By the way, was the testimony you sent original content just for me or is that published somewhere else?) Yes and no, it comes out this way when I speak of my film be it private correspondence or replying to questions. I have a blessed day.

Oh.. is your documentary speaking out against transgender people? If so, that's interesting because from the trailer it seems the opposite -- or at least that you were challenging people's perception of transgenders.

[Anna Marie Rosenberg] No it doesn't speak out against transgenders. It addresses the science, psychological, social and spiritual issues but doesn't attack.

The transgender community has attacked this film without even seeing it, all the comments are made on the trailer alone. The problem as I see it is that they are judging the film on their biasses. Many were allowed to speak in the film and we addressed their issues fairly, but when a transgendered person who had contrary views (K.K. Hofeling) in the trailer, they sought to stamp it out. Some transgenders believe that their truth is the only one that should be heard, hence no freedom of speech. It was this valuable freedom of speech that allowed them to have a voice in this film, which we generously gave. Mind you they haven't even seen this film.

I have closely monitored who has seen the film and who has not. The comment I sent you, was from a atheist,who claimed to be a transgender person. This person already had an a personal axe to grind. This comment came from someone who just saw the trailer.

This documentary like all documentaries are made to insite thought. Am I bigot for examining both sides of an issue? No I'm merely trying to insight thought and if some can't handle that, then the freedoms they spout on about have no bases in reality. Freedom of speech is freedom of thought no matter who likes it or not.

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