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by Nathan
(NY, NY)

If you saw Who Killed the Electric Car?, which was a tragedy in its essence, you want to watch Revenge of the Electric Car. This film, directed by Chris Paine, who also directed "Who Killed the Electric Car?" is much like Star Wars Episode IV, where the bad guy is killed, but somehow you know the story isn't over.

With interviews from leaders of major car companies, this film makes clear that car manufacturers, whether they believe in climate change or not, are meeting the demands of their customers. In some ways, this film shows how "we" can make the world what we want it to be simply by choosing to shop for what we want and not simply taking what is being offered. If people stopped buying Big Macs, McDonald's would stop selling Big Macs. If people want electric cars, car makers will make them.

"Revenge of the Electric Car" also demonstrates how challenging it can be to change a system, especially a system as large as automobile production. The Tesla Motor Company was featured highly in this film and it was clear that starting a car company isn't easy. Just ask Tucker Motors. Companies that dominate one field do not like new guys coming around and changing the rules of their game. For smaller, less cash advantaged individuals, getting on the field can sometimes prove to simply be impossible.

This film highlights Capitalism when it's at its best. It shows how competition in the market place puts consumers at the advantage. It shows that consumers do rule, when they organize and vocalize efforts.

GM killed the EV1, the first mass-produced electric car. But the electric car did not die. It just needed to be recharged.

From a filmmaking perspective, this was written, produced, directed and shot very well. I particularly like the opening sequence. I like a creative beginning when the credits are being given. The film really had me from that point. Which is when you want to grab your audience, at the beginning.

Good film. Good topic. But it didn't break new ground or undercover any hidden agendas or secrets as documentaries can sometimes do. But they don't all have to be Watergate, or in this case, Cargate. This film simply and effectively laid out why car makers are beginning to make electric cars. Because it has been demanded of them. Power to the shopper!

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Revenge of the Electric Car Documentary Review

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Jan 29, 2012
my rating
by: Nathan

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars for its pacing, production value and relevant subject matter.

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