SFFILM Documentary Film Fund

The SFFILM Documentary Film Fund is open to feature-length documentary films from anywhere in the world that are within three months of beginning post-production. The number of grants and grant amounts are to be determined.


- Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
- Applicant must be in a key creative role for the film: ideally, the producer or director.
- Applicants who are not SFFILM members must pay the $25 (regular deadline) or $45 (late deadline) fee. SFFILM members will have all fees waived.
- Filmmaker may not be SFFILM employee or board member.
- Filmmaker may not be a full-time student.

Project Criteria

- Project cannot be a work for hire.
- Project must be a feature length documentary (60 minutes or more).
- Project must be within 3 months of beginning post-production from the final deadline.
- Projects can be produced or based anywhere in the world.
- Projects must be consistent with SFFILM’s mission and represent an imaginative contribution to the moving image art form.
- Project reflects excellence in storytelling and visual style.
- Project reflects innovation in storytelling and visual style.
- Projects that primarily use interviews as a storytelling device will not be considered.

How to Apply

Apply by May 6, 2022 at: https://sffilm.org/documentary-film-fund

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