Shouters and the 'Control Freak' Empire Documentary

by Oyetayo Ojoade
(Trinidad and Tobago)

This documentary film exposes the schisms inherent in the unhappy marriage between the secular and the sacred, first offering a socio-historical context as it re-visits the 1917 - 1951 Prohibition Ordinance on the “Shouter” Baptist religion of Trinidad & Tobago but it goes further by daring to challenge laws that legislates against a belief system, questioning the real causes and the effects of such legislation both on members of the faith and the general public.

This film intertwines Christianity with African cultural practices, it juxtaposes Euro-centricism with Afro-centricism and it restores a voice to the voiceless in a film that is compellingly visual and profoundly enlightening.

Directors:Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade and Onwubiko Agozino

Writer: Sharon Syriac

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Oct 03, 2015
Production background
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Oyetayo,

Nice work! Can you share a bit of the background of why you decided to make this documentary? Plus, any particular challenges you faced during production.


Oct 03, 2015
Behind the scenes of the Shouters Documentary
by: Oyetayo

We had many setups during the production. Many people had to reschedule interviews because their church members were not present at the time. This set the final date for conclusion back a few months.

We had issues with the initial script and final title as well.

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