Spazz Out! Documentary

by Evan Kidd
(Greenville, North Carolina, USA)

Spazz Out! is a documentary film which tells the story of Spazz Fest, a small town music festival that takes place annually in Greenville, North Carolina. The film explores just what it is that makes this festival so important to the community, and how it has grown since it's inception.

The film was made to help raise awareness for Spazz Fest, and similar small town and local music festivals across the globe. Supporting artists from the ground up is an important and essential way to seeing artists succeed in the music industry.

Watch the full-length documentary here.
Directed by Evan Kidd.
2013 RockSet Productions.

Spazz Out! Documentary

Production notes for Spazz Out!

The film was shot on the Canon T3i, and Canon T2i.

I, Evan Kidd, was the Director, Producer, Editor, and one of two cinematographers. The other cinematographer was my friend Brian Korff. Bob Edwards and John Gilmore were Executive Producers. I edited the film in Adobe Premiere.

More information about the Spazz Out! documentary can be found on the film's website and IMDb page which are listed below.


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