S**t Disturbers With A Cause (aka: The Wounded Dove) - Documentary Series

by Neil Lundy
(Toronto, Ontario,Canada)

People of Peace

People of Peace

5-Part Documentary Series

Sept 15, 2015 - They're audacious risk takers, defiant, zealous, some are fearless, most are tough and they all have one thing in common... they are peacemakers.

"S**t Disturbers With A Cause" is an upcoming 5 X 1 hour documentary series chronicling the lives of the world’s great peacemakers from the early nineteen hundreds to the present time.

Most peacemakers were a pain in the ass to the establishment and some played by the rules in their quest to put an end to conflicts or to prevent them.

Many of our peacemakers are ordinary citizens who assumed heroic stature and directly influenced the flow of historic events even when they appeared to be overwhelmingly unalterable.

There have been 72 formal treaties, 20 pacts, numerous agreements, alliances, conferences and cease-fires over the past one hundred years. Without peacemakers these achievements would not have been possible.


Documentary Series Structure

Each documentary episode begins with original theme music composed by international music star Gino Vannelli played over a montage of film footage showing the social/cultural trends and pivotal events of the era, quickly placing the viewer in the context of the times.

The tone is factual and the material is presented in a journalistic, anecdotal, entertaining style.

There will be no talking heads in this fast paced series. The peacemakers will tell their own stories via archive footage, recreations, sound bites, diary excerpts and illustrations. Each episode features up to fifteen peacemaker reportages. The stories are told under themes rather than chronologically.

Episode 1 The Whistle Blowers
Episode 2 Subversive Peacemakers
Episode 3 Gunboat Diplomats
Episode 4 Dying For Peace
Episode 5 Young Blood

A brief introduction to the stories stresses the importance of examining conflicts from the point of view of "peace endeavors" rather than listing the chain of events that inexorably plunged people into war.

Each war, revolution or instance of internal strife will begin with a graphic presentation of the dynamics of the conflict. This orientation quickly identifies the antagonists and issues.

We then introduce our peacemaker and follow this individual as he or she struggles to stop the violence.

"S**t Disturbers With A Cause" looks not at those who waged war, but at those who tried to revive and nurture the phoenix of peace.

Project Status

Thus far one million three has been spent on this project, one million of which was a grant from the Canadian government.

The research, development, most of the script writing and pre-production phases are finished. The only production left to do is recording the narration, recording the peacemaker’s sound bites and orchestrating Gino Vannelli’s theme music and shooting re-creations.

Once these items are recorded, editing and packaging the programs will begin.

The series is mostly archive driven and some footage has yet to be purchased. It will take approximately one year to complete the five part series.

The CD ROM version of the project is finished and thus far has been taken by more than a hundred secondary school boards, universities, libraries and peace organizations in Canada, the US, Europe and Japan.

This peace project is also supported by:

• The United Nations Culture of Peace, Paris
• The Salzburg Seminar, Austria
• The Peace History Society
• The International Peace Academy, New York
• The Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY
• The Pearson Peacekeeping Center, Clementsport, Nova Scotia
• The Rachael and Ben Vaughan Foundation, Austin, Texas

Learn more here: http://adventurefilmproductionscanada.com/dovepeacepage.html

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