Sticks and Stones Documentary

by Kaden Llewellyn
(Flinstone, Georgia, USA)

Sticks and Stones Documentary

Sticks and Stones Documentary

My Documentary "Sticks and Stones" replicates the lives of fellow students at my school. I chose the name "Sticks and Stones" because of how in that it carries on to say words will never hurt me. This shows how words do hurt. A lot.

It doesn't even have to be words. People are bullied physically and mentally. The interviewees clearly state what has happened and how they feel. Often nothing is done. If something were to be done it is always dependent on physical instead of verbal abuse.

I have spent approximately a month or two designing, planning and pulling my hair out to try and gather proper material. I have had about only 3 crew members truly:

My teacher, she brought the inspiration into my life. My friend, as well as a fellow student who helped with filming and support. Also, Me!

I am using a Canon Rebel T3i for videoing, an external Logitech Microphone, as well as a camera rig made with PVC for under 20 dollars!

I use PowerDirector, After Effects and Photoshop to edit all of the material into the final product. This became one of the most tedious parts: editing the footage.

I find that people tend to avoid the topic of bullying whether it may make your establishment look bad or yourself. Believe it or not everyone deals with bullying. Whether it is name calling or people ganging up and beating you up. No one likes to be bullied. Most people don't think it is anything, but it causes mental damage in the long run.

I truly hope this documentary will shine some light, and hope on the subject of bullying. No one deserves this treatment. People tend to shrug it off like its nothing. When it happens to you you'll think otherwise.

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Apr 14, 2013
video clip? NEW
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Kaden, thanks so much for sharing with us your documentary project. Bullying is indeed an import topic to focus on. You are to be commended for taking on this project.

Do you have a "trailer" or even the full documentary available for people to view? If so, please do share with us the YouTube (or Vimeo) link by clicking on the "post comments" link below. We'd like to see it!

Apr 14, 2013
Trailer NEW
by: Kaden Llewellyn

I was actually working on the trailer the other night but my computer freaked out. I should have a link up in a few days.

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