The Corporation | Documentary Review

by Olivia
(Boston, USA)

"Corporations are people, my friend.", Mitt Romney, 2012.

I think we all know that Ford, McDonalds, Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, Haliburton and Bank of America are not people. Sure, people make up and run these corporations, but is Wells Fargo a person? According to the laws of the United States, corporations are people and corporations are afforded the same legal protections as people.

With this in mind, the producers of The Corporation set out to prove that many corporations are mentally disturbed individuals that should be kept away from a civil society.

By psychoanalyzing corporations actions and looking at them in the same light that we look at real people it becomes clear that many of the actions corporations take would land a real person in jail or in treatment or a straight jacket or even to death row. Corporations act only in their best interest. They do not replace what they take. If they do, it is because laws were set up to force them to do so. Corporations have killed people. Corporations have swindled people. Corporations act so selfishly that any real person acting in a similar manner would become an outcast. I won't go into a political debate in this review. Watch the film and see if you agree with the producers final analysis of corporations.

This film was well thought out and well executed. It does not give an unbiased view of corporations. It's clear the producers have already made their minds up on the issue and they do a good job of filmmaking to make their point.

Money is power and multi-national corporations are in no short supply of power to influence global trade and activity.

If you do believe that corporations are people, you should watch this film to see if you agree with the producers analysis. If you think that corporations are not, in fact people, you should watch this film. It will give you some good conversation points to help make your case during your next debate over the global economy.

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The Corporation Documentary Review

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Feb 16, 2012
relevent, well done
by: Olivia

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars because it is topical and relevant to today's world. The film takes a simple approach and executes its message well.

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