The Human Experience | Documentary Review

by Scott

This was interesting. First of all you should know that I made it all the way through this film. So that says something right there. The Human Experience was a fine film. But it comes across as over-dramatic at times. In it's essence this is about two guys that went on a few trips. Each trip, each experience, did something to improve the lives of others. But in the end, they went on three trips.

The writing and editing is very good. To take footage from some trips and weave together a coherent and interesting story takes some skill.

I found myself interested in how the film was made as I watched it. Did they already have a working script before they set out? Had these guys simply gone on some trips and someone crafted a story from it? Was it a combination of these things?

This Human Experience is a fun little ride that tries to make some big points.

The Human Experience | Documentary Trailer

The Human Experience | Documentary Review

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Jun 16, 2012
by: Scott

Although beautifully shot and very well produced, I give it three stars for trying just a bit too hard to make some big points that seemed a bit too big for what this movie was.

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